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Press Conference

Rossi: We can thank our fans for this win!

2016-10-29 22:40:34

Marco Rossi: We deserved to win this game.  We played great, dominated he first half and should have scored three goals rather than just two.  We don’t usually win games in which we have this many chances.  We allowed a score just before halftime and this made the match tougher than it should have been.  I made a mistake in the second half and it almost cost us the game.  I sent Dark onto the field too soon, since he’s not in match condition as of yet. It was nice to see this many fans in the corner again.  Their presence meant a lot to us.  What I’m about to say is hard to prove, but in my opinion we won the game due to their presence.  Without fans there is no reason to play the game since we’re nothing without them. 


Géza Mészöly: In the first half, we played a defensive style and were only able to create three scoring chances.  The turning point in the game could have been when Williams had a chance to get the ball to Bosnjak, which would have created a 2 to 1 situation and a great scoring chance.  But he got hurt in the process and the counter attack ended with a goal.  It is very disappointing that we allowed two goals just before halftime.  We were able to score ourselves, which we needed. 

In the second half were able to build successful attacks from the back, but we just could finish.  I’m disheartened with this loss.  Some of the yellow cards were debatable.  I feel that we didn’t deserve to lose the game, but I know that the game is won by the team that scores more goals.

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