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The Szent István University helps to the Honvéd’s young players.

2011-11-08 15:20:47

There has been an agreement signed on Tuesday between Magyar Futball Academy and the Szent István University in Gdöllő, that the university will help the young players for ther further educations.

„We’d like to train intelligent football players, our goal is, that the players to learn, and students to do sports” – announced George F. Hemingway to MTI, the owner of Budapest Honvéd Football Club. „Unfortunetly it is impossible to study at most of universities for professional players, due to ther lack of time, this university will help us with this. The representatives of the institution have been to the club before the sign and the players were really happy about this and looked interested.”
„ We might even make personal schedule for them, however it doesn’t mean that they will get a degree without making effort. We try to help them to make a good environment on the way to the exams. This is good for the university and the players as well.” Said the rector of the university, Dr. Laszlo Solti

This contract does not include any lenght of the contract, László Szalai, the executive manager of the MFA said, the doors are open for next year for those, who will finish their secondary studies this year and hopefully many players will decide to go on with their studies.
The university signed the same agreement with some more sport organisations in September, such as the Hungarian Athletics Association, the Hungarian Handball Association, the Hungarian Waterpolo Association, the Puskás Ferenc Football Academy and the Ferencváros handball and waterpolo departments, within the programme of „Aegon-SZIE study and do sport”.

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