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Amongst the most prestigious clubs

We're ahead of Bayern, Barca and real Madrid

2014-02-20 15:31:33

A foreign internet portal selected Budapesti Honvéd’s legendary team from the 1950’s as one of the 10 best clubs of all time. 

The team which included amongst others, Ferenc Puskás and József Bozsik was the only one chosen from East and Central Europe.  The club beat out such teams as Real Madrid and the Franz Beckenbauer lead Bayer Munich.

The internet portal, ftbpro.com evaluated and named the 21 most influential teams of all time and the legendary Budapesti Honvéd was listed as the 10th best teams of all time.  

“If an Eastern European team is included, it must the legendary Budapesti Honvéd from the 1950’s.  Their most influential players included Ferenc Puskás, József Bozsik, Sándor Kocsis and Zoltán Czibor, who also formed the backbone of the decade’s most dangerous national team, which was called “The Giant Hungarians” throughout the world and which won the silver medal at the 1954 World Cup.”

At the club level the team could not duplicate the national team’s success, mainly due to the Russian invasion of 1956, which caused some of the players to emigrate from the country and continue their careers on foreign soil.  “This also brought an end to the success of one of the all time great clubs” wrote the portal. 

The list:

  1. Pep Guardiola’s Barcelona
  2. Di Stefano’s Real Madrid, which won 5 Champions Cups
  3. Trapattoni’s Juventus
  4. The "great" Torino
  5. Pelé’s Santos
  6. Eusebio’s Benfica
  7. Ajax 1966-1973
  8. Liverpool 1977-1984
  9. Independiente 1970-1973
  10. Budapesti Honvéd 1950-1956
  11. Beckenbauer’s Bayern
  12. Milan from the 80’s and 90’s 
  13. Peñarol from the 60’s
  14. Barcelona’s “dream team” (1992)
  15. The gigantic Real Madrid
  16. Nottingham Forest 1978-1980
  17. Boca Juniors under Bianchi
  18. Ferguson-era Manchester United
  19. Celtic from 1967
  20. Dinamo Kijev from 1986
  21. River Plate from the 40’s

info: csakfoci.hu

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