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Anji-Bp. Honvéd 1-0

We lost to Anji on an unfortunate goal, but we still have a chance to advance.

2012-07-19 12:34:28

Europa League, 2nd qualifying round

Anji Mahackala - Budapest Honvéd FC 1-0 (0-0)

Ramenszkoje, Russia

Referee: Alon Jefet

Anji: V. Gabulov - Zsirkov (Zsagirbekov 76'), Samba, Joao Carlos, Logasov - Ahmedov, Jucilei, Buszufa, Traoré (Smolov 83'), Satov (Lahialov 70') - Eto'o

Head coach: Guus Hiddink

Budapest Honvéd FC: Kemenes - Lovric, Ignjatovics, Debreceni, Vidovics - Diaby (Vernes 56'), Hidi (Vécsei 61'), Ivancsics (Diarra 83'), Johnson, Tchami - Délczeg

Head coach: Marco Rossi

Goal: Jucilei 22'

Yellow card: Zsirkov 43', Samba 90'

The game is being played under ideal circumstances. The weather is great, it rained a couple of hours ago, but the temperature is ideal.
1st minute: The home team starts the match.
3rd minute: Eto'o took a free kick from a dangerous angle, but his shot bounced off the wall, tehn his follow up shot sailed way high.
19th minute: Eto'o dribbled inside the penalty box, but his shot bounced off Ignjatovics, onto the cross bar and then over the end line.
22nd minute: Anzsi takes the lead! Following Zsirkov’s solo, Samba passed to Jucilei, who took a low shot toward the goal, the ball bounced off Ignjatovics’s leg, changed direction and there was nothing Kemenes could do to save it.
32nd minute: Traoré headed Eto'o’s cross over the crossbar.
33rd minute: Our first shot on goal: floowing a quick counterattack Tchami’s shot bounced off the right upright. Beautiful move!
36th minute: After a hrad fopught takeaway, Diaby’s shot missed the net.
42nd minute: Ahmedov ran donw the right side, made a great cross to Traoré who was left alone, but he missed the net from a few meters out.
44th minute: Ignjatovics handled Ivancsics’s corner kick, but his low shot was saved by the goalie.
Anzsi deservedly leads after the first half. We couldn’t hold onto the ball and barely cross midfield. The score is not bad at the present, but coach Rossi must come up with something so that we’ll control the ball more and hopefully score.
71st minute: Lovric made a great pass to Délczeg, but while falling down, his shot sailed over the net. This was a great scoring chance!

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