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BHO is available of smart phones

Subsequent to rigorous testing, Budapest Honvéd Online has been optimized for smart phone accessibility.

2014-01-13 20:34:42

More and more of our fans are using smart phones and tablets to surf the net.  We would like to call attention to the newly developed official Budapest Honvéd Online homepage, which can be accessed through smart phones and thus allow our fans to follow all news and information relating to the club everywhere.  

If someone wants to use the full version of the mobile application, they can just click on a button located at the bottom of the page.  If the mobile version does not load, just type an “m” in front of honvedfc.hu. 

The most popular homepage contents can be accessed by clicking on the drop down list at the upper right corner of the screen.  Contents include breaking news, results, schedules, standings, the Hungarian Football Academy’s results and tables, photos along with club contact information. 

Media personnel can benefit by obtaining match results and information while logging in through the contact menu, regardless what operating system they’re smart phones are using. 

Dénes Éless
Chief Editor

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