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Bp. Honvéd - Anji Mahackala 0-4

We couldn’t pull off the upset and we said goodbye to the EL

2012-07-25 12:42:24

Europa League, 2nd qualifying round

Budapest Honvéd - Anji Mahackala 0-4 (0-1)
Bozsik Stadium

Referee: Luca Banti (Nicola Nicoletti, Alessandro Giallatini)

Budapest Honvéd: Kemenes – Lovric, Debreceni, Ignjatovic, Vidovic – Ivancsics (Diarra 69'), Marshal, Hidi (Faggyas 58'), Vernes – Délczeg (Diaby 46'), Tchami
Head cosh: Marco Rossi

Anzsi: Gabulov – Tagirbekov, Samba (Gabulov 66'), Pinto, Arsenij – Akhmedov, Jucilei, Satov, Boussuofa (Zsirkov 54') – Eto’o, Traore (Smolov 74.)
Head coach: Guus Hiddink

Goals: Eto'o 7', Traoré 53', Satov 68', Eto'o 81'
Yellow card: Lovric 55' ill. Tagirbekov 9', Pinto 13'
Red card: Vernes 55'

4th minute: Délczeg received a pass near the penalty box, beat his defender, but shot a little wide of the net.
7th minute: After a corner kick from the right, Eto’o scored from close distance, 0:1, but cumulatively the Russians are ahead by two goals.
16th minute: Délczeg took the ball inside the penalty area, rolled it to Vernes, but his weak shot was easily saved.
37th minute: Eto'o led Traoér with a great pass, he took on and beat his defender, but his shot sailed wide.
37th minute: Ivancsics found himslef in front of the goal, passed the ball across to the oncoming Tchami, who was all alone in front of the goal, but the ball was a few inches out of his reach.
43rd minute: Traoré found Eto'o who was one on one against Kemenes, who made a brilliant save on the Cameroon striker.
We started to game by attacking Anzsi, but Eto'o took advantage of a defensive lapse quieting the crowd. We continued to try to break through, but we either didn’t pass well, or had no luck on our side. We need three goals to advance.
47th minute: Ivancsics took a pass about 10 mers from goal, but his low shot was saved by the Russian goalie.
53rd minute: Traoré easily beat Debreceni at the top of the penalty box, tehn lifted the ball into the net, 0-2, cumulative 0-3, so we need four goals to advance.
55th minute: Vernes received a red card for tackling Jucilei from behind. Lovric went to argue the call and received a yellow card.
62nd minute: Ignjatovic took of toward the goal, but his shot from 20 meters out washed pushed over the net by the goalie.
68th minute: After a goal kick Satov scored, Anzsi is leading 3-0.
75th minute: The newly substituted Smolov received a great ball, he was unchallenged near the goal, but his shot bounced off the upright.
77th minute: Tchami could’ve scored on a pass from Lovris, but he misheaded the ball.
81st minute: Eto'o dribbled inside the penalty box, beat his defender and scored the fourth goal.

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