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Bp. Honvéd - FTC 2:0 (0:0)

2010-05-22 17:10:39

We beat FTC by two goals during the last game of the season. +

Soproni League, Round 30
Bozsik Stadium: 4,000 spectators

Bp. Honvéd FC - Ferencvárosi TC 2:0 (0:0)

Referee: Roland Veizer
Assistants: Vencel Tóth Jr., Péter Berettyán

Yellow cards: Moreira, Zsolnai, Lipcsei, Stockley, Csizmadia, Balog
Goals: Coira, Vaccaro

Bp. Honvéd: Kemenes - Takács, Cuerda, Botis, Hajdú - Nagy, Coria, Akassou, Moreira (Abbas) - Abraham, Vaccaro (Zsolnai)
Head Coach: Massimo Morales

Ferencvárosi TC: Megyeri - Csizmadia, Alcantara, Balog, Stockley - Wolfe (Kulcsár), Adnaan, Lipcsei (Schembri), Abdi (Rósa) - Elding, Ferenczi
Head Coach: Craig Short

Before the game, Imre Komora was honored on his 70th birthday.

1st min: We kicked off.
1st min: Elding headed Hajdu’s cross to a wrong spot; directly to Abraham, who took a quick shot, but Elding was able to clear the ball away from the goal line.
2nd min: Coeira’s hard shot barely missed the goalpost.
6th min: Elding handled Lipcsei’s pass within our penalty box, but Botis was able to clear the ball away.
10th min: Stockley tripped Moreira, after which Moreira received a yellow card for not accepting Stockley’s handshake.
20th min: A heavy downpour started.
26th min: Wolfe was injured and had to be substituted. Kulcsár came onto the field.
30th min: Abraham sped by Lipcsei, who pulled him down and received a yellow card for his efforts.
37th min: Vaccaro received a cross from Takács, but his shot from 8 meters out bounced off a defender.
40th min: Takács dribbled inside the penalty box, but his shot bounced off the defense.
45th min: The referee called the first half.

The spectators didn’t witness a high quality game in the first half, partly due to the heavy rain. Neither goal was under attack and the guests didn’t even take a shot. We had a few chances at the beginning of the game, but nothing during the rest of the half. We hope the quality of play will improve in the second half.

46th min: The guests kicked off.
46th min: Rósa came in for Abdi.
50th min: Kemenes made his first save: He gathered up Kulcsár’s weak shot.
51st min: Stockley received a yellow card for the second tripping of Moreira.
51st min: We’re leading!!! Coreira took a free kick from the left side. Everyone was looking for a cross, but the ball ended up in Megyeri’s goal without anyone touching it. 1:0
54th min: Csizmadia received a yellow card for tripping Abraham.
58th min: Kulcsár’s low shot from 16 meters out barely missed the upright.
59th min: Adnad received a pass from Stockley on the right side, took a quick shot and Kemenes pushed the ball onto the goalpost.
61st min: Csizmadia headed Lipcsi’s free kick toward the goal, but Kemenes pushed the ball over the end line. Due to a foul, we received a free kick.
65th min: Morales substituted Abbas for Moreira.
70th min: Coira took another free kick past the wall, but Megyeri was up to the task this time.
72nd min: During a counter attack, Coira got the ball to Abraham, but his cross sailed across the front of the goal.
74th min: Schembri came in for Lipcsei.
78th min: Csizmadia tackled Abraham inside the penalty box and the referee awarded us a penalty kick.
79th min: GOOOAAAL!! Vaccaro’s penalty shot was saved by Megyeri, but our striker hit the rebound into the net with a bicycle kick. 2:0!
81st min: Zsolnai came in to releive Vaccaro.
83rd min: Zsolnai got a yellow card for shirt pulling.
87th min: Balog received a yellow card for a bad foul.
88th min: Zsolnai’s header from close range barely missed the crossbar.
89th min: Csizmadia took a hard shot from 30 meters out, but Kemenes pushed the ball over the net with his fingertips.
90th min: Two minutes of extra time added.
92nd min: Game over.

The second half was much more enjoyable and with Coira’s free kick we took the lead. The opposition tried their best to equalize, but following a well deserved penalty kick we doubled our lead. We closed out the 2009-2010 season with a defeat of Fradi!

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