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Bp. Honvéd - Vojvodina 1-3

Press conference

2013-07-26 13:16:05

Marco Nikolic: I want to congratulate Honvéd and its coach.   They were a difficult team and played hard.  I want to congratulate our players, since they played well in the two games.  It was great to see before the game that they were relaxed and had a good mental attitude, which culminated in the good result.  I’m very happy that we’ll have atleast two more matches in the Europa League.  Our season hasn’t started yet, so we will have more opportunity to gel as a team. 

Marco Rossi: It is difficult to say anything positive after two games in which we made a lot of mistakes.   Before the game I told the players that Vojvodina will come in looking to capitalize on our mistakes, so we must avoid mistakes.  

Unfortunately they were able capitalize on two of our mistakes in the first half and thus we sealed our fate.  We must recognize that the squad underwent some not so favorable changes, we lost Lanzafame and Martinez.  So far we haven’t been able to replace them with quality players.   It is evident that the current squad is not as strong as last year’s.  On the positive side, we have some very talented young players, although we can’t count on them at this time.  I saw us make numerous mistakes and we can’t afford them.  Vojvodina has some higher quality players and we couldn’t compensate for this. 

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