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2013-06-03 11:05:48

The season is over and we achieved what we’ve waited for the past 19 years!  The third place finish and the bronze medal means as much to us as winning the championship, since the entire team fought gallantly.  Our fans also deserve our gratitude for creating such a fantastic atmosphere throughout the season both at home and away, including at Szombathely. 

We proved that we can play well and fight as a team.  Although we played somewhat reserved during the final match since we had a lot at stake, we were able to achieve what we came for.  We started with an aggressive, attacking style, 

creating a lot of confusion and keeping our opponent pinned back on their side of the field.  We were able to take the quick lead, al;though we knew that a draw is all we needed.  Then in the 31st minute following a clearing attempt the ball bounced to Simon near the top of the penalty box and he wasted no time equalizing at 1:1.   From this point on the game became very tense, especially since we heard that MTK took the lead against Debrecen. 

The second half wasn’t dominated by exciting play, but we didn’t care, since the score was to our advantage in the fight for third place. 

We were able to maintain the score at 1:1 with a suffocating defense.  In the meantime at the other match, MTK took a 3:0 lead, which meant that if Haladás were to score another goal, we would have finished in fourth place.  Prior to the season many people would’ve been satisfied with a fourth place finish, but not now!   We had a lot to be nervous about, since we came too far to let the third place slip away.  It felt like time was at a standstill.  Then when the final whistle blew it meant that we succeeded!!    Everyone ran to the players as they were hugging and the celebration began!!  



Gergő Szalay 

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