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Celik Niksic - Bp. Honvéd 1-4

Magabiztos győzelemmel kezdtünk az Európa Ligában

2013-07-04 16:26:06

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Celik Niksic – Bp. Honvéd 1-4

A confident win in the Europa League, and a huge win in the rematch. Next round opponent: Vojvodina!

2013-07-04 11:24:52

While the home team sent one of its players to the post game news conference, our team as usual was represented by our coach, Marco Rossi in order to address questions relating to the game. 

Vasilje Jovovic: We played very well in the first 20 minutes.  After this Honvéd changed the rhythm of the game and we were unable to keep up with them.  They played very well and deserved to win. 

Marco Rossi:   Anything can happen in soccer, but we have a sizeable lead.  We didn’t concentrate in the last 20 minutes and Celik had 2-3 dangerous scoring opportunities.  Other than this period, I’m satisfied with our performance.  If we don’t go through the next round, we can only blame ourselves.  

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