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Comments after the final

According to all participants, Honvéd put on a very competitive tournament.

2012-08-07 12:03:17

Following the exciting final, the two coaches gave their evaluations.

Ivan Kostadinovic,  Partizan’s coach:  We saw two different games during the match.  We controlled the first half, but in the second half, for some unknown reason our play just regressed.   We showed our strength, when after 2:2, we went ahead 3:2.  This tournament came in an ideal time during our preparation for the season.  I’m very satisfied with the outcome and the tournament in general.  We’ve been to Italy and Spain at similar tournaments and this tournament was second to none.  We thank you for the invite and that we were a part of this tournament.  

Krisztián Somogyi, coach of the silver medal team:   We had a great atmosphere for the final and the pressure caused us to make some dumb mistakes.  We gave away the first two goals.  Although we had some chances in the first half, we were timid.   The serbs were experienced enough to know how to play with a two goal lead, ie counter attack.   In the second half we played up to our capabilities.  We had some very attractive attacks, which culminated in goals.   Unfortunately we couldn’t turn the table, but I’m still very proud of the boys.

It’s important to note that Partizan has more experience with such competitive tournaments, since they send numerous agegroups  to so many of them.  They thrive on the game’s  atmosphere and they are able to perform.

We’ve waited a long time to host such a prestigious tournament with such high quality teams.   All teams enjoyed themselves.  It would be great to be able to have such a tournament here every year and especially if our teams from different agegroups could participate, since it is imperitive that they get this experience.  I want to thank the club’s management for hosting  this tournament.  Even though we came in second, we showed everyone how competitive we are.


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