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Cup Winners!

2010-02-25 12:34:38

Both of our youth teams won the HLSZ Cup.+

As we previously reported, starting past November our U-16 and U-17 teams entered the HLSZ Cup. Going into the last two weeks of competition, both of our teams were in first place and luckily their positions didn’t change after the games were played. Our competition in both age groups was Vasas, Ferencváros and Újpest.

Our U-16 team beat Vasas at home 3-1, then easily beat Ferencváros 8-1 and beat our old nemesis Újpest 6-2. In the fourth round we couldn’t beat the red and blues at their home and tied them 1-1. The first of the last two matches was at home against Ferencváros (we won 3-1), then by the time we visited Újpest for the final game, the trophy was ours already. The boys played very loose and easily won 8-0. Coach Tibor Farkas understandably was very proud of the team and stated: “This is a great way to kick off the newly established HLSZ Cup, since we had a lot to play for. Furthermore we’re elated that we were able to win it”.

The U-17s almost copied their year younger colleagues’ results. After drawing 2-2 against Vasas, they beat Ferencváros 5-2 and Újpest 7-0. We didn’t have any problems at home with the team from angel land, beating them 3-1. The two away games at Ferencváros and Újpest weren’t very important to us, since by the time we played them, the Cup was already ours. We beat the green and whites 2-1 and had a 2-2 draw against the purple and whites. Coach Károly Varga, just like his colleague was very proud of his team and stated: “This winter tournament was an excellent way to break up the monotony of winter practices; therefore I feel this is a great idea. The HLSZ Cup also gave us the opportunity to try out some younger players. I’m very proud of the way they played up to their older competition.”

So, both of our age groups won the inaugural HLSZ Cup and both the U-16 and U-17 teams played great during the tournament. The winning trophies will be presented during our game against MTK on March, 6 starting at 2 PM in Bozsik Stadium.

Final Standings of the Tournament:

HLSZ U-16 Youth Cup
1. Honvéd 16 points
2. Vasas 11 points
3. Újpest 3 points
4. Ferencváros 2 points

HLSZ U-17 Youth Cup
1. Honvéd 14 points
2. Vasas 8 points
3. Újpest 6 points
4. Ferencváros 4 points

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