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2013-05-03 16:41:38

A true jokester.  He knows how to create a fun atmosphere.  After our 3:0 winning effort at Pecs, Szabolcs Kemenes who was interviewed by Sport TV discussed the penalty kick save he made by egging on his teammate stating that he is excited about finally having saved as many penalty kicks as Lovrics, plus scoring as many goals too.  He further stated that even Jose Mourinho would be jealous of this accomplishment. 


What does poor Ivan Lovrics say?

No one can get offended by this sated a laughing Szabolcs Kemenes.  We were on the bus riding home, when he first heard my statement, he came over and we laughed about it.   Ivan is not just my teammate, he’s also my friend.  It is funny that after the save he made at Videoton, he held the team record for penalty kick saves.  I had to find a way to pass him and then throw it in his face. 


What is the secret to saving a penalty kick: practice or feeling? 

Of course the latter.  You can practice all you want if you don’t know which way to go when the time comes.  One thing our coach Marco Rossi does is not to dwell too much on the save.  I’m a goalie, this is my job. 


Not even a “grazie” under his breath?

He looks at us as a team.  The same goes if I make a save or if Martinez scores twice, he doesn’t drool over him either. 

I know that it’s exciting when a goalie makes a save on a penalty kick, but there is nothing more to it.  I can accept his position, since Marco Rossi knows that in order to succeed; the entire team must perform well and play together.  This is the only way we’ll achieve success. 


Can we go higher in the standing?

Currently we’re fifth on the table and if we continue to play well in the last few rounds, then yes.  I’m not going to say that we have an easy road ahead, but we’re playing against Pápa, Eger and Győr at home and are travelling to Újpest and Szombathely. Our nearest rivals have a tougher road ahead of them and I feel that the head to head games remaining will help our cause as well.   Knock on wood, I’m playing well, so I have all the confidence that we’ll succeed in the latter stages. 


What’s the cause of your current good form? 

Practice and the fans. 


Excuse me?  How does the latter come into play?

Since their enthusiasm takes us to another level.  Lately I can’t think of an instance when after the final whistle they didn’t give us a standing ovation or didn’t want to stay around to take pictures with us.  It’s a great feeling.  Furthermore at Kispest we have the best office, coaching and medical staff out of all Hungarian clubs.  I know that this is a far stretch, but even José Mourinho stated that he wants to work somewhere where he is appreciated and loved.   

So based on all of the above, I must say that I’m at the best place right now and am enjoying everything.  So even José Mourinho can be jealous.


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