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Szabolcs Schön in Ajax

2017-02-10 08:52:51

As we previously reported, Szabolcs Schön, who grew up in the Hungarian Football Academy (MFA) signed with Ajax Amsterdam.  The Hungarian Select U-17 player signed a two and half year contract with the star studded Dutch club.    

Szabolcs Schön stood out in his MFA team, since he played in the U-17 team, even though he was only 16 years old.  Furgthermore during the summer of 2016, he made his debut for Budapest Honvéd’s senior team in a practice match against Diósgyőri VTK.  On top of that, he’s also a member of Hungary’s u-17 select squad and was voted as the best young attacker of the year in 2014 and 2014. 


What did your parents, friends and teammates say when they found out that you signed with Ajax?

Everyone was happy and very supportive.  Fortunately, no one had any negative comments.  My teammates in Honvéd were extremely happy and wished me all the best.  


Were you afraid that as a teenager you’ll be on your own in a foreign city and environment?

I wasn’t scared, I was ecstatic about my opportunity and could hardly wait to get to Amsterdam.   It wasn’t easy at first, since I was all alone and missed my family.  As time passes you get used to it. 


How do spend a typical day?

My schedule is very full.  I get up at 8 and the taxi picks me up at 9, meaning I’m at the training facility by 9:30.  From 10 o’clock on, we have an hour and a half training session followed by lunch.  On Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays I have 2 hours of Dutch language lessons starting at 12:30, then beginning at 3PM we have the second daily training session.  This lasts another hour and a half, then I go home. 


Besides taking language lessons are you also attending school? 

Currently I’m only taking language lessons, so there is no other school, like it was at home.  I’m taking on-line courses this year, then in the summer I’ll go home and take my tests.  Then starting next school year, I think I’ll know enough Dutch to go to school here.


Why do you think Ajax selected you?  What can Szabolcs Schön do on the soccer field?

In 2015 with Honvéd we won the Nike Cup, then the following year with the U-17 team we also won the Puskás Suzuki Cup.  Perhaps Ajax’ scouts attended these tournaments and liked what they saw in me.  In addition, on two other occasions I also won the scoring title in my age group scoring in excess of sixty goals each year.


What was your position when you scored these goals and where is Ajax playing you?

For the national team, I’m playing in the shadows of the center forward, but can also play in a midfielder’s role.  Ajax is employing a 4-3-3 setup and I’m playing either left or right wing.


As you just signed with Ajax, younger players are probably looking up at you.   What would you say to young boys and girls whose lives center around soccer?

Although I don’t have the experience yet to give advice, since I must train and grow a lot, all I can say is to give it your all during practices and the games.  Only giving 80-90 percent is not enough to succeed, you must give 120 percent all the time.

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