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FTC - Bp. Honvéd 0:0

2009-11-12 20:45:48

The game will start shortly and can be followed online.+

Soproni League, 15th Round

Albert Stadium - 0 spectators (game had to be played behind closed doors)

Referee: Peter Solymosi
Assistants: Robert Kispal, Attila Kelemen

Yellow Cards: Morrison 22', Kulcsár 60', Lipcsei 73' also Horváth 48', Nagy 58', Vukmir 86'

FTC: Megyeri - Fülöp, Lowton, Balog, Kulcsár - Tóth B., Lipcsei, Morrison, Adnan - Rósa (Fitos), Ferenczi
Head Coach: Craig Short

Bp. Honvéd: Iván Tóth - Ákos Takács, Sorin Botis, Dragan Vukmir, Norbert Hajdú - Zoltán Nagy (Abass Dieng), Adrián Horváth (Moreira), Patrik Hidi, Diego - Ádám Hrepka (Róbert)Zsolnai, Norbert Palásthy
Head Coach: Massimo Morales

1st min. FTC kicked off.
7th min. Zoltan Nagy dribbled down the right flank, but his cross was leared out by the defense.
8th min. FTC’s defense headed the first corner kick away from their goal.
14th min. Horvath’s shot from 18 meters out ended up with the defense.
18th min. Fitos came in for the injured Rosa.
22nd min. Morrison got a yellow card for tripping Palasthy.
23rd min. Hrepka’s free kick bounced off the wall.
30th min. Hrepka took a left footed shot from 16 meters out, but the goalie pushed the ball over the end line.
31st min. The cross from the corner kick was headed out by the defense, Hidi got to it, crossed it back to the center toward Nagy, but his header missed the net.
38th min. After a corner kick Megyeri fisted the ball to Palasthy, but he couldn’t react fast enough and the defense cleared the ball away.
45th min. The first half is over.
The game is fairly even although we’re possessing the ball a little more. Unfortunately once we get close to the penalty area, we just can’t finish. We’re defending quite well and Ivan Toth hasn’t had to make any hard saves. The second half is about to start.

46th min. The second half starts.
48th min. Horvath received a yellow card for tripping Morrison.
53rd min. Toth’s shot from 23 meters out missed the goal by by 5 meters.
57th min. Moreira comes in for Adrian Horvath.
58th min. Nagy took down Lowton inside the penalty box. Penalty shot was awarded and our defender received a yellow card.
59th min. Ivan Toth!!!! He saved Ferenczi’s shot heading toward the right side of the goal.
60th min. Kulcsar got a yellow card for hitting Zoltan Nagy in the face.
68th min. Zsolnai came in for Hrepka.
72nd min. Zsolnai made a great pass to Palasthy, who lifted the ball over the head of the on-coming goalie, but the ball ended up on the top of the net.
73rd min. Lipcsei got a yellow card for tripping Zsolnai.
74th min. Palasthy’s shot from 14 meters out missed the net.
81st min. Toth’s free kick from 24 meters out hit the cross bar.
84th min. Abass came in for Nagy.
86th min. Vukmir got a yellow card for tripping Lipcsei.
90th min. 2 minutes of extra time added.
92nd min. Zsolnai got a great ball, but his shot from 14 meters out hit one of the defenders.
93rd min. The game is over.

Both teams played a faster game in the second half, but didn’t create chances in front of the goals. Ivan Toth had to make an unbelievable save to preserve the draw. We got a point from this game and thus moved up in the table.

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