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Interview with the head coach of Honvéd’s women’s team

2013-08-07 17:28:47

Interview with the head coach of Honvéd’s women’s team

As we previously reported, beginning with the 2013/14 season, Hegyvidék SE’s women’s team will be playing under the banner of  Budapest Honvéd.   We discussed the team’s plans and goals with head coach András Dénes.

I’m sure the question was previously asked: Why Honvéd?

There are a couple of ways to answer this question: emotional and a rational.  I’ve been associated with Honvéd since the 90’s, although I couldn’t root for any of the teams, since I was employed by the National Sport news organization. 

And what is the rational answer?

The Honvéd name is one of the marquee names in men’s soccer.   Here is an example: we played a pre-season game against an American team.  They all had trouble pronouncing the name Hegyvidék, but as soon as we said Budapest Honvéd, they asked me if this was Puskás’ team?  When I first approached Honvéd, I told them that the name is the most important thing the team can provide to us.  On the international market Honvéd’s name is as valuable as the name Rubik’s Cube.  Everyone respects the name. 

Last year we finished in fourth place.  Mr. Hemingway stated that he’d like to see us finish on the podium this year.  

I believe that everyone involved in sports wants to raise the bar year after year.  We’d like to improve on last year’s results, but knowing the state of the women’s game, it won’t be easy.  This is the reason why I didn’t set our team goals on where we finish on the table.  The most important thing is to graduate from an amateur mentality to a professional one and gain experience to be competitive on the international level.  

Last year Orsolya Korcsogh was the leader of the team, but she said left at the end of the season. 

This is partially correct.  I’ve worked with Orsi for the past seven-eight years, since she was the only woman coaching in NB-1’s women’s league.  She’s worked with these girls since they were 14-15 years old.   When we secured fourth place, she indicated that she felt like she got the maximum out of the team and she was looking at different challenges.   I believe that she’s the best girls youth coach in the country and thus the entire girls youth program was handed to her.  Her job will be to establish and develop an academy program to which a lot of young girls want to come.  

Who took over the team?

Károly Földesi took over the team.  He has a UEFA A license.  His name could be familiar since he was involved with Diósgyőr in the past, both as a player and a coach.  He coaches at a high level, who has experience with the women’s game, since he was an assistant to Tamás Hevesi at the U-17 national team.  

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