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Great debut from Erdélyi

The young striker is similar to Torghelle

2012-02-20 11:23:10

-Laci, you have showed your skills already on your first game with a goal and an assist.
-I played well, I received compliments from the coach as well. I will try my best and play well on every games afterwards as well. I am trying to get back completely now, I have missed a lot because of injuries.

-What kind of injuries?
- I had aches in my knee during the summer pre-season, it’s cured in 1-2 months. The bigger problem happened in Zalaegerszeg after a bad tackle by a defender and suffered a partial ligamentary break in my ankle. I almost spent the whole autumn for the recovery. That’s why I was missing from the U19 elite national team.

-How do you feel between the adults?
-I was suffering in the first week, I feel good now with my fitness. I hope I can do my best. It would be wonderful to stay in the Nb1 during the spring and play a good season. The most important now is to finish this pre-season without any injuries.

-Usually the second team is known by the most fanatical supporters. How would you introduce yourself for the rest of the fans?
-I am from Szentendre, I started playing football there, then Leányfalu was next, finally I got to Honvéd from Vás. I think myself as a power striker, I can often bring the most out of myself just because of my willingness. I have about 2-3 kilos overweight, after I loose these I will be even faster. I’ve been living here at Honvéd for four years, I like this club.

-You must have seen many games in these four years, which one of is your favourite?
-The cup final in 2009! There were a lots of fans in the Bozsik Stadium, I was on the tribun shouting and supporting all the game!

-Do you aspire to abroad?
-I don’t want to go abroad at any price. I am just before graduation this year. It would be excellent to perform well in the Nb1. I want to prove myself, the fans and the club. I have received an invitation from Shalke B, I will travell there on monday for an induction. They know about my injury, it would be interesting if they see anything special in me.

László Erdélyi:
Born in Szentendre, 10th July 1993
Position: Striker
Height/weight: 183cm/84kg
Goals at the Honvéd’s young team: 82 games / 145 goal
Previous clubs: Szentendre, Leányfalu, Vác, Bp. Honvéd

Translated by: Gabor Somogyi

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