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Haladás - Bp. Honvéd 0-1

Rossi's and Mészöly's evaluation

2017-04-12 08:07:06

Following the match between Haladás and Bp. Honvéd the two managers gave their evaluations. 

Marco Rossi (Honvéd): - I’m satisfied, since we got three important points from Haladás in a hard fought game that went down to the last minute. 

Haladás was most dangerous on set pieces.    I’m very proud of the players and congratulate the entire team.  Kudos to the boys, since they were able to withstand Haladás’ counter attacks.  They also deserve praise for fighting for goals all the way to the last minute.  Even though Haladás  hit the uprights twice, with a little luck we were able to come away winners.   

Géza Mészöly (Haladás):  Once again the team gave it their all for a win.  We played with discipline and everyone gave it their all.  We closed down lanes well and I feel that a draw would have been fair against a well prepared Honvéd.   Both teams had dangerous chances from free kicks.  We gave it our all for the win, but luck was not on our side.   Unfortunately, I had to substitute for David William due to some muscle cramps.

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