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Haladás - Bp. Honvéd 2:4

2011-07-26 22:26:09

We have beaten Haladás in Szombathely in a great game rich of goals!+
OTP Bank League, Week 2
Rohonci út, 3500 spectators

Haladás VFC - Budapest Honvéd FC 2:4 (1:2)
Referee: Szilasi (Vámos, Márton Zs.)
Goals: Tóth 24th, Kenesei 50th and Danilo 16th (pen), 35th (pen), Novák 65th, Lovrics 72nd
Yellow cards: Nagy II. 15th, Iszlai 63rd and Abass 58th, Akassou 67th
Red card: A. Horváth 85th

Haladás: Rózsa - Schimmer, Guzmics, Nagy II. G. (I. Kovács 45), P. Tóth - B. Molnár, Rajos - Nagy I. G. (Ugrai 70), Iszlai, Sluka - K.Kenesei
Coach: Zoltán Aczél
Bp. Honvéd: Kemenes - Lovrics, Debreceni, Botis, Novák - Abass, Akassou, Németh (Horváth 57), Tschami - Danilo (Hidi 83), Délczeg (Szekulics 57)
Coach: Attila Supka

We obviously became better than Haladás in the second half, however the first half did not start easily. Our double substitution has refreshed the team and after some quick counter attack we could confuse the decenfe of the home team. We scored more goals after corners, just how we usually do.

90th min: Final whistle!
85th min: An excellent through ball from Hidi to Abass, who pushed to ball a bit too much in front of him, his cross came from such a bad position to Szekulics. At the end of the counter attack, Adrián Horvát’s sliding tackle was late, first he seemed to keeping his leg back, but the Referee has shown the red straight to him.
83rd min: Another hit on the post by Haladás and a sub from our team: Hidi in, Danilo off.
74th min: Kenesei’s free kick just a bit wide and passed the goal line inches from the right post.
72nd min: Beautiful header from Lovrics just under the bar from a corner! 2:4!!
67th min: Abass was too slow after Horváth’s tricky movements, he passed the ball too long in front of Akassou, who could get the ball only by the price of a fault and a yellow card.
65th min: A corner from the rigth by Tschami, Novák found the outcoming ball in the middle and shot in the goal powerfully! We got a lead again!! 2:3!!
63rd min: Yellow for Iszlai
57th min: Double substitution from Attila Supka, Délczeg and Németh off, Szekulics and Adrián Horváth are in.
50 th min: Fault inside the penalty area by Akassou against the yound István Kovács, substituted in at half time after a nice passing game. The referee showed to the penalty point without hesitation! Kemenes did not have a chance against Kenesei’s powerful and accurate shot. 2:2
46th min: Kispest has started the second half. There is a sub at the home team, István Kovács replaced Nagy II, Molnár is going to drop back into the defence.

Deep ground, huge fight, we got the lead by two deservedly given penalties in Szombathely. We hope that we can keep this lead and after a long time, we can leave Szombathely as winners!

46th min: The first half is over after a corner from the right followed by a great save by Kemenes.
37th min: Kenesei’s free kick from 23 meters just hit the right hand side bar.
35th min: Abass sped up and gave a through ball to Danilo, who went down after a mint dribble by Tóth around the 5 meter line. The referee was thinking a bit but he has given the penalty. Danilo stood behind the ball again and shot the ball in the middle of the goal. It’s our game again! 1:2!!
30th min: Nice pass on the left of Haladás to Sluka with a great chance. Kemenes stayed in his goal, he did it well because Debreceni could catch the winger who could just cross the ball straight into the keeper’s hands from 5 meters.
24th min: After the corner a fault against Lovrics about 5 meters from the goal, the referee did not see anything. Suvra curved the ball from the left at the second time, Tóth headed the ball just under the bar from 6 meters, 1:1!
16th min: Danilo is at the penalty spot and scored confidently into the right bottom corner! 0:1!!
15th min: Nagy II slammed Tschami within the box, that’s a penalty and a yellow card!
12th min: It keeps raining, at some points of the pitch the ball just stops in the water.
6th min: Two corners from the home team, the second was more dangerous, Nagy II headed over the bar.
5th min: Danilo had a good run on the left, but the defenders closed his way down. The counter attack has come along our right wing, Novák then Debreceni slipped about 10 meters from our goal, Iszlai had an outstanding attemp on goal, for our luck Kemenes made a thumping save.
1st min: The home team has started the game.

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