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Youngs: a respond by the coach of MFA, László Szalai

2012-03-03 11:33:58

In his oppinion, the present competitive system is quiet unfavourable. Zsolt Sándor, the executive director of Sándor Károly Academy declared, that the academic system is very good for numerous reasons, it is useful for the Hungarian football, however it still does not solve every problem. Our executive director is on the same oppinion, László Szalai and his team are thinking of some more steps which could help to improve the system, find and fill up the gaps.

It’s been a few years now, that the academy is working hard, however we barely see only a couple of players in the first team from the academy. Why?
It is simple, the four years operation time is just not enough yet. We have already given some players to the first team, unfortunetly they are in the starting eleven regularly, but they have debuted at least. The age which we started the academy plays in the U19s, some of them in our second team in the NBII, we are aiming to send three or four players to the first squad in the summer.

How important it is for the management, that the home grown players will play in the first team?
It is clear to everyone now, that an academy has point to work only if it can be the base of the first team. I don’t really want to put any more importance on them at the moment, if every academy could supply their first team with their players, would mean that the work was not unnecessary.

What is needed for an academy to be successful?
Appropriate selecting, special work and enough time to work where the children are training and dealing only with football. That’s why I think we don’t need to call these academies in every case, a programme like this could be still successful if they don’t live right at the academy, if all these are given for them. A good example is the academy at Vasas, they don’t live at the academy, but thanks to a college, the players have the opportunity to train in the mornings as well.

Zsolt Tamási, the executive director of Sándor Károly Academy stated, that they can not do the preparation for the professional football, that is being done on Hungária körút.

The NB2 squad in our team is mainly made up from those youngs who are studying at the academy, I am the coach of that team. The second division is really the part of professional football, rather more than a pre-step. We are trying to sort this squad out from our own young base, we are aiming to supply the first team with professional football players ready to perform.

Many complaints were placed in the last few months, that most teams can not keep up with the professional academy studies, as elite trainings and programmes are being taught for the youngs. Is it really like that?
I absolutely agree with this, I’ve been saying for a while now, that there should be a seperate league for the academic teams, they are at a much higher level. If two academic teams are playing against each other, that is a really beating, exciting and high level game, but when one of the teams is a weaker skilled team, the result is always a high goal-difference, boring and pointless game. We would likely play against each team four or five times a season which has a point, as they are always that kind of games, where all the players have to show their maximum abilities and they only have the chance to improve on this games. It’s got a reason, that the academic teams play pre-season friendlies only against foreign clubs, as I’ve mentioned, there is no point to win 10-0 every time.

György Bognár

Source: Nemzeti Sport

Translated by: Gabor Somogyi

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