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Honvéd: Spring season champ!

Media review

2013-06-03 18:08:27

Based on the results of the 2013 season, Vidi is the best domestic team; however if we look at the second half of the season, Budapest Honvéd is at the top of the table.  The champion Győri ETO is on the podium in both instances, while  Ferencváros just missed on both counts.  Kecskemét and Haladás can be proud of their achievements in the spring, while Siófok can thank their fall season results as the reason for their demotion. 

The OTP Bank League season ended last Sunday and as per the schedule, the teams played 17 games in 2012 and 13 games in 2013. 

Based on points, the 2013 champion was Videoton, since they scored the most goals, while they also tied Haladás for the fewest goals allowed since January.  Honvéd can also be proud of its spring season results, which allowed the team to compete in the Europa league. 

The champion ETO came in third in the spring season, while Ferencváros just missed the podium.  Kecskemét and Hali made great strides after the winter break, just like Siófok, which wasn;t able to overcome their pitiful fall season and thus was relegated. 

Loki barely made it into the top half of the table, while we find Diósgyőr and Paks near the bottom of the table. 

As far as the second half of the season is concerned, in 15 rounds Honvéd is the league’s best team.  Marco Rossi’s team collected 8 more points in the second half than in the first half of the season.  Due to its financial trouble Eger is at the bottom of the table.  

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