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Hungarian Cup

Our upcoming great challenge

2017-01-03 08:21:51

On February 11th, Honvéd will take the field against our old nemesis, Ferencváros with an opportunity to reach the quarter finals.   The first leg of the home and home series will be at the Groupama Arena. 

Up until now, Marco Rossi’s team conquered all challenges, albeit against lower division teams.  We joined the Cup qualifications on September 14th  when we beat Mórahalom VSE 7-1-re. On October 26th, we beat RKSK 6-1, followed by a 5-0 win against Ménfőcsanak on November 30th
Marco Rossi used 20 players during the three game stretch.  Vasiljevic, Gergő Nagy, Prosser, Lovric, Hajdú and Balázs played in all three games.
Playerws with 3 games: Zsolt Balázs, Ádám Hajdú, Ivan Lovric, Gergő Nagy, Dániel Prosser, Dusan Vasiljevic.
Players with 2 games: Dávid Bobál, Endre Botka, Dániel Göblyös, Patrik Hidi, Filip Holender, András Horváth, Kadima Kabangu, Raul-Ioan Palmes, Bálint Tömösvári, Donát Zsótér.
Players with 1 game: Botond Baráth, Ákos Bíró, Dávid Gróf, Patrick Ikenne-King.
We scored 18 goals in the three games.  Vasiljevic and Prosser scofred the most with 4 each. 
List of scorers:
4 goals: Dániel Prosser, Dusan Vasziljevics
3 goals: Filip Holender
2 goals: Patrik Hidi, Kadima Kabangu, Bálint Tömösvári
1 goal: Zsolt Balázs
A little history

104 years ago in 1912 Kispesti AC participated in the Hungarian Cup for the very first time.  We made it to the final 16 times and won the trophy 7 times (1926, 1964, 1985, 1989, 1996, 2007, 2009). In 1981 Honvéd came in third and won the bronze medal.  
Our largest margin of victory was in 1953, when the Puskás lead team beat Orosháza 18-1, when Kocsis scored seven times, Puskás six times, Czibor and Budai I. twice and Babolcsay once.  The title of most goals scored in a single game belongs to Mihály Kozma, who scored 8 times against  Hercegszántó.

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