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Introducing Thomas Job

2013-09-25 10:00:59

We interviewed our newest signing, Thomas Job following our game against Diósgyőr.  

Thomas, lot of people were surprised when you entered the game in the second half, since they didn’t even know anything about your signing.  Please introduce yourself in a few words, so we can get acquainted. 

I’m Thomas Job, 29 years old, born in Cameroon.  I’ve lived and played in Italy since the age of 14 and that’s where I was signed by Honvéd.  I started my playing career in Sampdoria’s youth and reserve teams and played all the way up to the senior team in Serie A.  Then I played for several second division clubs. 

Why did you choose Honvéd?

I spent the summer with Bologna, when my manager told me about the opportunity to play at Honvéd.  I like to be an important part of a team, where they count on me and this was not the case in Italy.  I didn’t want to continue to play at the lower leagues.  When I heard about Honvéd’s interest in me, I didn’t have to think a lot, since I only heard good things about the club and thus since the beginning of September I’ve been in Budapest.  I signed, since I liked the opportunity to try out another country’s top league, where I can be a major part of a team.   

Have you heard of Honvéd before?  What did you know about the team prior to your arrival?

Of course I’ve heard of the club and am quite familiar with its rich history, the players and its accomplishments, but whatever I was lacking in knowledge I quickly learned through the internet.  Budapest Honvéd is a well known entity in Italy as well as in a lot of other parts of the world.  I knew a little bit about the team’s current situation, since they participated in several international events, like last summer’s Europa League. 

What personal career accomplishment are you most proud of?

Nothing really comes to mind, but during the past ten years, I played in over 250 games in Italy, mainly in the second division, but also had the opportunity to play in Serie A.  I’m proud of this accomplishment.  I haven’t won a big trophy, since most of my teams weren’t in the top echelon, but when I first started out, we won the third division, followed by playoffs in the second division to see who would  promoted to Serie A, but at the end we didn’t make it.   Hopefully here we can win some trophies and I will do everything I can to accomplish this.

Did you come to Budapest alone or with family?  How do you spend your free time? 

My family came with me, since I have a beautiful wife and an even prettier 5 year old daughter.  I spend most of my free time with them walking or discover the neighborhood.  I don’t have a specific hobby but besides playing, I like to watch soccer and basketball on TV.  

What is your true position on the field? 

I’ve played lots of positions, since one must play well where the coach puts them.  I like to play on the right flank, since that’s where I play my best, but I can also play on the left side.  These positions allow me to showcase my speed and strength. 

What is your first impression of the team?  Did you know that as a 29 year old, you’re the oldest player on the team? 

Yes, I was told and it caught me by surprise.  It doesn’t bother me, although this is the first time that I’m the oldest player.  We have a lot of young talented players.  So far, so good and I’m very thank for the opportunity to play at Honvéd. 

Since you brought it up, what was the “little problem” that didn’t allow you to play?  I read a little about you and it appears that you were suspended by the Italian Federation.  Why? 

It’s true; we’re talking about a “big problem”.   I was involved with a very uncomfortable situation, which took its toll on me.  The federation suspended me, since they wanted to show that I was involved in some gambling and match fixing.  I will state unequivocally that I have never been involved with any of it.  I’ve always played with a clear conscience and always fought for my team to the best of my ability.   They suspended me due to the fact that five players from my prior team (Grosetto) were found guilty of game fixing and unfortunately I was the roommate of one of them for a while.   I never had a good relationship with him, we didn’t hang out together and didn’t have common friends, but that didn’t make any difference in the eyes of the federation.  They didn’t believe me that I didn’t know about the match fixing.  They had nothing else on me and although I never confessed to anything, they still suspended me.  This nightmare started in the summer of 2012 and it took a while for the appeal process to run its course.  At the end I was vindicated and they revoked the suspension.  They took eight months from my career without any reason.  I couldn’t train, couldn’t play couldn’t support my family and I was treated like a criminal and my name was drug through the mud.  All because I happened to live under the same roof as someone who committed a crime.  I was very mad and at the advice of my attorney I filed a grievance against the federation.   I want to put all that behind me and forget about it and just concentrate on playing soccer.   Here is my opportunity, so I must take advantage of it. 

As I said before, I’m very motivated to prove myself and am looking forward to playing a lot.  I will do everything I can to help us perform the best we can on every front that Budapest Honvéd participates. 

Gergő Szalay 

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