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Our legendary Golden Team was victorious in London

2013-11-25 16:05:42

Sixty years ago the world was shocked by a football score.  On November 25, 1953, the English National Team welcomed the Hungarians to Wembley.  Although the Hungarian team coached by Gusztáv Sebes has been unbeaten for several years, the English weren’t concerned.  There has never been a team from the main continent that won at the misty Albion.  The legendary Golden Team ran through the brits: as we all know Hungary won the Match of the Century 6:3. 

Gyula Grosics – Jenő Buzánszky, Gyula Lóránt, Mihály Lantos – József Bozsik, József Zakariás - László Budai II, Sándor Kocsis, Nándor Hidegkuti, Ferenc Puskás, Zoltán Czibor. This was the “Golden Team”.

Since 1993, this is the day that we celebrate the “Hungarian Football Day”!  On the anniversary of this illustrious day the Hungarian Football Federation held its annual gala for National team members.  As has been the tradition, during this friendly get together, current and former National team players celebrated the holidays with each other.   The former players first met at the monument erected in honor of the deceased former players near the tower at Ferenc Puskás Stadium to lay a wreath in their honor.   Then the festivities, which included movies, speeches and performances continued at the grand ballroom of the Hotel Arena.

England – Hungary: 3-6 (2-4)
Wembley Stadium, 105 thousand spectators, match refereed by Leo Horn (Holland)

Scores: Sewell (15. min), Mortensen (37. min), Ramsey (57. min, penalty); also Hidegkuti (1. min, 21. min, 53. min), Puskás (24. min, 28. min), Bozsik (50. min)

England: Merrick, Ramsey, Eckersley, Wright, Johnston, Dickinson, Matthews, Taylor, Mortensen, Sewell, Robb

Hungary: Grosics (74.min Sándor Gellér), Buzánszky, Lóránt, Lantos, Hidegkuti, Bozsik, Zakariás, Budai, Kocsis, Puskás, Czibor

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