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Lanzafame: I like it here!

Our Italian player will be extra motivated

2013-04-19 16:31:18

Week after week Davide Lanzafame is becoming one of our most productive players. In a short time he became the nemesis of defenses. We interviewed our foreign player between Tuesday’s match against Ferencváros and tomorrow’s match against Kecskemét.


- Please tell us that you didn’t come out of the match against Fradi due to an injury. 

No injury, no problems, I was glad to have the opportunity to play.  I picked up a yellow card and also got tired.  It was a good call to bring in a youngster to speed things up. 


- How would you evaluate the game?

-   We were expecting a tough game against Ferencváros.  This was a special game for the fans and thus for us too.  Thanks to our well organized play and our tenacity, we were able to come out the winner.  We had a great football atmosphere and in behalf of the entire team, I want to say thanks to the fans.  They really helped us throughout the match against our oldest rival. 


- Although the coaching staff is very satisfied with your performance, how do you evaluate your effort?

- I’m getting in better and better shape.  Of course the environment and my teammates help in this regard.  In my opinion everyone has to get better day by day.  Team interests must always be put ahead of individual ones.  I can play better and I’m confident that I can prove it. 


- On Saturday we’ll be welcoming our nemesis, Kecskemét.

- I wasn’t aware of the fact that there is a team that Honvéd has not been able to beat.  This fact will give us added motivation.  We must win for another important reason. We must continue to acquire as many points as possible and of course we won’t know how many will be needed at the end.  Thus we must beat   Kecskemét. 


- How do you like life Honvéd? 

I like it here!  The environment created here is very healthy and clean.  I don’t know what the future will bring, where I’ll be playing after the summer, but I will always have fond memories of the time I spent with the red and black.

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