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Lanzafame is in the groove

He’s moving up on the scoring table

2016-11-15 10:29:01

Davide Lanzafame’s second stint with Kispest began on September 10th at Mezőkövesd.  Since then he played in 8 games and scored no less than 7 times.  So one has to ask, has there been a precedence to such a great start?

Numerous world class strikers played in Kispest during the past 107 years.  The first similar string belongs to Béla Egresi.  Due to his lack of height (164 cm), he was nicknamed “The little one”.  In 1943 while playing on the right wing, in 10 matches he scored 17 goals.  With this accomplishment Egresi is 6th on the all-time list. 

Two years later even this fantastic accomplishment was eclipsed by József Mészáros, who in 1945 scored 16 goals in 11 matches.  Dodó  Mészáros is in 4th place on the all-time list. 

So, who could produce even better results?  None other than Ferenc Puskás! Uncle Öcsi takes up the first three spots on the list!  In 1948 in 12 matches he scored 25 times, in 1949 in 12 matches he scored 23 times and in 1946 in 11 matches he scored 19 times. 

In 1955 Zoltán Czibor, who played left wing scored 15 times in 11 matches.  He was also the co-scoring champion that year with Ferenc Machos, each with 20 goals.  That year Ferenc Machos also put together a good string of scores when in 9 matches he scored 12 goals.

With his accomplishment, Davide Lanzafame (7 matches, 7 goals) is in 15th place and if he can score at Paks, he’ll move up 3 more spots, passing Ferenc Puskás’ 7/9, Mihály Kozma’s 7/10 and Lajos Détári’s 7/11 performances.

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