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Look back with Attila Supka

Interview with the coach

2012-01-03 11:31:30

We asked our coach to analyse the results during the autumn season, the performances during the games shown and the performance of each parts of the team.

This is an obvious professional oppinion, that Budapest Honvéd have performed well in 17 rounds so far. This is all about the professional analyses, the response of the media and the voice of the fans as well. Our team is not only the best team in Budapest, however we are still competing with those countryside teams, which clearly have more funds to work from, than us, showed by our ranking on the league table, that we still have the chance to finish in the top three. If the league would finishing now, we would have been on the 4th position which is a European qualification place at the moment.

-Are you satisfied with the team’s ranking on the league table?
-Due to the circumstances, we played good, however we could be better if we just finish of winning those games where we were already in winning position. If we would have won these games, we could be at the second or third place as well.

- Which games are those?
-Right on the first week we should have won against Győr. We had the lead by 1 goal, we received a penalty which we missed, then we lost the game. We had the lead against Pápa in the first half, I still don’t understand how could be drop our performance that much in the second half, then we lost. We were 2 goals up in Kaposvár, the end was 2-2. But I can highlight the games like the one against Paks, we started well, but at the end we could not get a win, also against Haladás and Pécs as well.

- The Honvéd fans are really proud of the team, that they have performed outstanding against the rivals and it was acknowledged by the profession and the sport media as well – compliments confirmed by analysises and because of the excellent football they played.
- We know, that every single game is important, however we could beat those teams which ones are the most important for our supporters to win against such as Ferencváros, Újpest, Diósgyőr and Videoton. I can mention the away draw from Debrecen, we were the only ones who could leave from there without loosing. Don’t forget about the game in the 16th round in Győr, which was a derby where we won by a spectecular football. It was awesome to see the happiness and satisfaction on the fans’ faces in those moments after beating these teams. I wish from the bottom of my heart, that we will have more and more experiences like this.

-I know you don’t like giving out personal appraisals in public, but I would like to ask you to give some for us about each parts of the team, starting from the goalies.
-I had no problems with the keepers, both are able to play well and they proved, that any time I needed them, I could rely on them. We should not forget about Iván Tóth, who is always there, if there would be a need for him. All of our players trust in the keepers, whenever any of them was playing in the team, they showed their skills and communicated to the players.

-What’s up with the defenders, midfielders and strikers?
- More or less the defence worked well, however they had some games can not be assessed too well. I could say the games against Kecskemét or Pápa. If they concentrated better, we could have won that game. We need to speed up this shape a bit, then they would be able to perform better. We had a good competition in the midfield which turned out in a good way. There were some players who were disappointed and upset about not getting enough time to play, but at the end they understood the situation and worked hard. This was very important, because if we help each other out we can work better. Everybody understands now, that those players will play who are in the best form, this is the interst of the community, the fans and the club, Honvéd. About the strikers, we started with three of them, Danilo was outstandingly good. Then Torghelle has arrived, these two were playing together very well. We could also see this in the results we brought in the last few weeks, those who got less chances from me, they fought very hardly helping the overall performance of the team. I hope I can tell even more positive facts about the team after the second half of the season.

Translated by: Gabor Somogyi

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