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MTK - Bp. Honvéd 1-0

We didn’t deserve to lose.

2013-03-30 10:34:08

OTP Bank League, Round 20


MTK - BP. HONVÉD: 1 - 0



Referees: Zs. Szabó (Zs Varga., Márkus)



MTK: Hegedűs - Wolfe, Vukmir, Poór, Hidvégi - Zsidai, Kanta(Balajti), Vadnai - Vass(Pölöskei), Tischler, Ladányi(Bese)

 Head coach: József Garami


Bp. Honvéd: Kemenes - King, Ignjatovic, Alcibiade, Zivanovic - Marsahal(Holender), Hidi - Ivancsics(Vernes), Vécsei(Diarra), Délczeg - Lanzafame

Hewad Coach: Marco Rossi


Yellow cards: Zsidai 8', Vukmir 50', Alcibiade 7'. Lanzafame 60'.


Score: Pölöskei 48'


We didn’t deserve to lose, since we had more possession and chances.  Only the home team was able to score, so we came home with 0 points.

The biggest problem though is Richard Vernes’ neck, head and facial injury. 


 98th min: Game over.

95th min: Vernes taken off the field on a stretcher and taken to the hospital by an emergency vehicle.   

92nd min: Wolfe’s and Vernes’ heads collided; both players receive medical treatment.

89th min: Hegedűs and Vernes collide and the goalie requires medical attention.

70th min: MTK is defending with 10 men, which will be hard to penetrate. 

64th min: Ivancsics out, Vernes in.

60th min: Lanzafame receives a yellow card.

57th min: Diarra comes in for Vécsei.

51st min: First Ivancsics’, then Vécsei’s shot from Lanzafame bonced off the defense.   This was a great scoring opportunity.

50th min: Vukmir gets a yellow card.

48th min: MTK grabs the lead.  Pölöskei’s shot from 18 meter found the back of our net.   1:0

46th min: The home team kicked off the second half.  Pölöskei comes in for Vass. 





We have most of the possession and are creating lots of chances in front of MTK’s goal, but we either can’t finish them or Hegedűs makes a great save.  We have 12 corner kicks to MTK’s one. 



45th min: The first half is over without adding additional time. 

44th min: Vécsei’s shot was saved by Hegedűs.

42nd min: The goalie pushes Zsivanovic’s header over the bar.  Here comes our 12th corner kick! 

41st min: Lanzafame’s shot from 16 meters is saved by Hegedűs.

40th min: Ivancsics takes our 10th corner kick!

38th min: Kanta’s shot from 17 meters misses the mark.  

34th min: King’s shot from 25 meters misses the goal.

32nd min: Délczeg’s header of Lanzafame’s pass sailed wide. 

31st min.  Following another corner kick, Ignjatovic’s close range shot was pushed over the crossbar by Hegedűs.

28teh min: Tischler headed Zsidai’s cross wide of the goal from 5 meters out. 

25th min: Lanzafame’s shot from 12 merters was saved by MTK’s goalie.  

15th min: We’re controlling the game in the first 15 minutes, as we’re possessing the ball most of the time. 

9th min: Hegedűs made a tremendous save on Lanzafame’s shot from 15 meters out and pushed the ball over the crossbar. 

8th min: Zsidai received a yellow card.

7th min: Alcibiade receives a yellow card.

4th min: Lanzafame’s shot from 17 meters was pushed over the crossbar by MTK’s goalie. 

1st min: We kick off.


Due to recent heavy rains, field conditions are not the best and the grass is very spongy, but referee Zsolt Szabó feels that it is appropriate for play, so the derby will start shortly.  

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