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New manager at Kispest

József Csábi took over the reigns

2014-12-08 19:27:42

“I hope that one day I’ll return to be Honvéd’s manager or head coach.  I’ll continue to pull for and follow the team in the future, since I have a lot of history at Kispest.”  These were József Csábi’s the parting comments in the summer of 2010.  He returned to the club after a 4 year absence.  As a player Csábi spent 9 years at Honvéd, followed by a 3 year stint as a coach.  He won three league titles as a player (1989, 1991 and 1993) and in 1989 won the Hungarian Cup.  He played a total of 191 league games with Kispest.  He played in 9 Champion’s League matches and was a National Team selection 10 times between 1993 and 1995.  After retiring from playing, he focused on becoming a coach.  He worked at his birthplace of Szolnok followed by Rákospalota and Vasas.  Since 2007, he managed Honvéd’s 3rd division reserve team.  In the summer of 2008, he became the field trainer for the senior team.  After the departure of Sándor Egervári in the fall of 2013, he became the field trainer of the Hungarian National Team and one time he even managed the National Team in a match against Andorra (Hungary-Andorra 2:0).   His last job was managing Nyíregyháza.  József Csábi was introduced a few minutes ago as the new manager and he will be holding his first training session later today. 

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