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Vadócz thinks, once he can come back to Honvéd.

2011-11-11 15:22:02

Krisztián Vadócz told our website, that there is a big meaning for him about the two friendlies against Lichtenstein and Poland, first he’d like to remember properly of Flórián Albert, the only one Hungarian player ever won the Ballon D’Or ( Golden Ball).

The national team is training now in Telki for the games against Lichtenstein and Poland. You could also read our interviews with Balázs Dzsudzsák and Zoltál Gera, our next interviewee will be Krisztián Vadócz, midfielder in NEC Nijmegen.

However these are only friendlies, Vadócz told us, that we do have a meaning of these games:
-I prepare myself for every single game, that I want to win it, and there are no exceptions. Especially for us, when we want to stay in the team , these game are perfect to prove. The coach will probably try some new players out, I hope I can get a chance as well and if I get, I want to play well, and want the team to win.
He knows, that the first game against Lichtenstein is for Flórián Albert’s remembrance, which means they must win.
-This is a very big loss for the Hungarian football, that he is gone. We hope, we can make his remembrance properly.

Vadócz plays for NEC Nijmegen now with Gábor Babos and Márton Epper, and they doing quiet well this season.
-I am so happy at NEC, we won our last few games. We just beat Feyenoord in the weekend 1-0, so it’s kind of a party time now at the team. Hopefully this will continue after we go back from the international games. My contract is for one year now, I do not look further now, will see what happenes in my career.

We should not forget, that you were trained at Budapest Honvéd, I am curious that do you still have feelings to the club, do you follow how well Kispest is performing in this season?
-It’s so great that Honvéd has better results now thatn in the previous few years. I am happy about Sanyi Torghelle, that he listened to his heart and helps Honvéd with his goals. I hope they will keep it up, and will finish close to the top at the end of the season.

Just because of Torghelle, how much is the chance, that Vadócz will come ever come back to Honvéd in his career?
-Everybody know, that I grew up at Honvéd, I played my first NB1 game in there and have been selected to the national team from Honvéd, the club is still very close to my heart. I don’t know how will be the end of my career, but if Hungary will come in to the centre, the first thing will be Budapest Honvéd coming to my mind. If my career would have a turn like that, I would definetly only go to Honvéd.

Souce: totalsport.hu – Tamás Nagy-Pál

Translated by Gabor Somogyi

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