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Richárd Czár, born in county Baranya has been selected to the first team of Honvéd.

2012-01-16 11:28:52

Attila Supka will give the opportunity to get into the first team of Budapest Honvéd for six young players. One of them is the 19-year-old Richárd Czár. The Komlo-born player was already doing his pre-season after the previous season and the management was happy with him. He debuted in the NB1 in November, 2010. He could be useful for the team mainly on the left wing. Like his other same year old teammates, he is in the aged national team. He is the first player from the academy who scored in the NB1, he scored against Siófok. He deserved with his good performance, that he could travel to Turkey with the selected squad from the second division.

-I have already got to the first squad in the last two rounds of the autumn and the coach told me, I will start the pre-season with the first team – told to Rangadó.hu – Wether if they will need him during the spring, depends on the pre-season, my performance and the squad. We had some endurancing examinations, from Monday longer fitness trainings, monoton runnings. These trainings are a lot harder than the ones we did at the academy or at the second team.

-Does it mean the same to be selected to the bests of the NB2 as the aged national team?
-I think so, it is always reputation to be in a selected team. This is a plus motivation, every player would be happy to be here. I love being in Telki, we did not have many trainings before the derby between the west and east, just some easy practises, they were very good. We were together with the other players and the coach as well, I played a half at the end.

-The team of the town where you were born made some good days for their fans being at the third position of the Dráva-group in the NB3. Do you support them?
- When we have some more days off in a row I always travell home! I have spent the whole winter break at home, my whole family and friends live there. I like going home very much, I could do it in every one, one and a half month. A lot of players play for that team who I know, I support for their success. It happened, that we played on saturday, then I travelled home and watched them on sunday.

Kálmán Széplaki

Source: rangado.hu

Translated by: Gabor Somogyi

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