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Opponents find Honvéd unpleasant to play against

Discussion with Zsolt Laczkó

2017-01-30 22:40:56

Zsolt Laczkó was our first signee during the spring signing period. Marco Rossi has been working on obtaining the twenty-two-year-old left back for quite a while. The national team player was signed on loan through the end of the season. After that  Honvéd has an option to sign him long term. We talked to him about Honvéd, his roommate and being selected to the national team during the training camp in Belek.


Your name was previously mention in Kispest.  How did you end up at Honvéd?

There were numerous discussions about signing with Honvéd.  There were times when we couldn’t agree on a contract and in one instance I made a bad decision not to join, now we were able to hammer out a deal for me to sign. 


You didn’t practice during the second day of training camp in Turkey.  What happened? 

I came down with a fever and an upset stomach, so I couldn’t practice and also missed the game the following day.  Thanks to the doctor, I didn’t have any more issues during the game day and I got my strength back as well. 


How do you feel at Honvéd?

I feel great at Honvéd.  When I signed, I talked to lots of people and everyone had good things to say about the club, the ownership and the environment. 


Was Szabolcs Kemenes one of your sources? 

Szabi, who is my childhood friend was the main source.  We started together in the youth team.   I’ve known him for a long time and he only had good things to say about Honvéd and this has also been my experience.   I feel great during and outside of training and I can only say good things about my teammates, the coaching and support staff.  It’s not every day that you find an organization that functions this well. 


I’d be interested in knowing what you thoughts of this team were prior to signing?

As an outsider, I always thought that Honvéd was doing quite well, since they’re currently on the podium.  The standings don’t lie and this team deserves to be in the top three. 

I saw that Honvéd was an unpleasant team to play against.  I believe that this is the fruit of several years’ effort.  Tactically the team is very strong and is in the top of NB-1.  It is an unenviable task to play against Honvéd and one has to fight to the end to achieve a positive outcome against them.   I experience this during training now as I did when I was on the opposite side. 


What are your expectations from the spring season and which team do you feel will be our biggest rival?   

Honvéd’s biggest rival will be itself.  Things change very fast in soccer.  If one team doesn’t concentrate, the opposition will take advantage quite quickly. 

The team is quite motivated, well organized, we fight for each other and if we can raise our performance a little, we could end up on the top of the table. Honvéd doesn’t have to fear anyone.


You are rooming with Davide Lanzafame during the training camp.  How did this room assignment come about?  

I was playing at Sampdoria when I met him, but we never played against each other.  We’ve met several times in private at Italian restaurants.  We talked about soccer and life in general.  I speak Italian, so this helped us getting closer.  He’s not the only one I’m close to, since previously I played with Lovrics, Zsolt Balázs and Balázs Villám, who is on a tryout here.   I also know the rest of the team fairly well. 


Did you resign from the national team? 

Everyone wants to play for the national team.  I wouldn’t say that I resigned from the team, currently I just have different interests.  Currently my goal is to make Honvéd’s every day squad, to be able to produce at the top level, to have a great season and to achieve our goals at the end of the season. 

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