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Our National Team player appreciates the encouragement

We talked to Endre Botka about his debut

2016-11-20 10:25:48

Our right side defender and the graduate of the Hungarian Football Academy (MFA), Endre Botka made his National team debut yesterday during the team’s 2-0 defeat by Sweden. 

Following in Bálint Vécsei’s footsteps, Botka is the second player, who first made Honvéd’s senior team and then the National team coming out of MFA.   Botka took the pitch in the 69th minute, substituting for Attila Fiola.

„We trained with a lot of enthusiasm, mainly focusing on tactical work.  As youngsters, we knew that we will get our chance against Sweden, so we trained accordingly and luckily we got our chance.”

Endi made his debut during Gábor Király’s and Roland Juhász’ National Team farewell match, although prior to the game the other two retiring players (Tamás Hajnal and Vilmos Vanczák) were also honored.  He was fortunate to be able to take part in the final game of some very popular players, who defined a whole generation of Hungarian Soccer. 

„It’s hard to put in words, what we felt last night.  Some excellent players said good bye, while the fans created a great atmosphere.  The retiring players participated in quite a few International matches.  They ended their run, while we youngsters are beginning our international journey in hopes of accomplishing as much as they did.”

We were about to wrap up the interview, when Endi asked us to relay the following message:

„ I want to thank all those who gave me a lot of encouragement during the past few days, those who supported me from the start and those who congratulated me after the game.  I’ve heard from a lot of people and want to thank everyone for their support.  I draw a lot of strength especially from the good will and encouragement coming from Honvéd’s fans.   Once again, I want to thank everyone for their support!”

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