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Review: worth a revenge

We have visited the second placed ETO in the first round of the spring.

2011-11-21 15:25:43

We have visited the second placed ETO in the first round of the spring brought in advance to this year. Around 4 months ago we missed an already won game, it’s chance again at the re-match.

As having perfect result at home for Győr, nobody could gain even a point in their home stadium, that was a special surprise for everyone, that we have already scored in the 6th minute. Abass this time ran along the left wing, crossed a ball to the middle and Danilo scored a valley goal (0-1). This goal has given the basics of the atmosphere in the stadium made by our supporters, we almost felt we are at home. We hoped the previous game’s script will not be repeated again. We’ve been playing at full concentration and organised well during the whole game. The defenders could not do much with Abass, he took over them many times on the wing and almost copied his goal in Zalaegerszeg from the goal line, but he dribbled the ball longly, we missed the „deja vu”. The home team was trying to operate with long shots, but most of them went far away from the goal, if any hit the goal, Sánta saved confidently. Close to the end of the first half, Tchami missed a huge attempt on goal when Sztevanovics got the ball just from the goal line, then some aggression showed itself on the pitch between the players. They tried out Torghelle’s patience. It’s been quiet a few and tought faults, tackles against him during the first half. Unfortunetly this was not the first time this happened, and the referees are likely not to realise this most of the times.

Our former player, Takács scared us to death, when he could get behind our defence in the second half, luckily he could not pass the ball through Sánta. Not much later, we showed what football is about. A perfect strike, Abass took over his defenders on the right wing this time and copied the first goal, passed the ball to the middle where Danilo finished the job (0-2). This goal made the lads calm, however still kept them awake, they kept up their performance. Now Torghelle’s moments came he had two huge attempts on goal: Danilo passed a ball back to him for a shot, he missed it and shot far away from the goal, then Győr’s goalie saved a great not to let his long shot into the top corner. Instead of scoring goals today, Torghelle gave a perfect assist to Ivancsics who aimed 100 % accurately to the bottom corner, deciding the game (0-3). We thought it’s over, felt ourselves already in the changing room, when ETO could score at least a goal. Ahjupera scored a header after a free kick (1-3). It’s a shame, however if this would be our biggest problem today..

Gergő Szalay

Translated by Gabor Somogyi

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