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RFP was issued for the construction of the new Stadium

The stadium, located in Kispest will have atleast 8,000 seats

2017-01-03 08:19:48

The government issued the construction RFP for the new Bozsik Stadium.  The stadium will meet the UEFA Category 4 and the MLSZ Class “A” requirements.  The stadium will have a seating capacity of atleast 8,000, with roof over the seating areas, with bathrooms being located beneath the seating areas. The first couple of floor of the attached three story main building will house the concession areas, team locker rooms, VIP suites and technology center, while the top enclosed floor will house the mechanical area, media center and main cameras.

The lighting will meet the requirements of HD broadcasting. 

Stadium entrance will be through turnstile type gates. Visiting fans will have access through a steel bridge that will be built over the existing railroad tracks. 

Parking will be provided for 438 vehicles. 

Honvéd will play its spring home games at the current stadium, but the fall home games will be played somewhere else. 

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