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Sánda debuts in Debrecen

From the background to the front.

2011-11-04 15:18:48

-Congratulations András for your first game in the first team! You didn’t look nervous from outside, how did you experience this match from the goal line?
- It wasn’t a hard game, I didn’t have much to do, the guys defended so well in front of me. I think we could have won this game, there was a chance by Hajdú at the beginning, then one by Torghelle. It was really a tough game. I am happy with this one point anyway, it’s kind of win to steal a point from Debrecen!

-How much did it take you short, that you need to play instead of Kemenes?
-I train every week like I will be starting! I know, that the executive management trust in Kemenes, but the reason I came from Győr, is to play more.

-Some words about how you got to Honvéd?
-Mr Supka came to me, we agreed quickly. I felt good in Győr as well, but tevanovics is kind of a legend in there, he’s the captain, he has been there for 5 years now, I had to change to play more.

-We know you are from Brassó, have you ever played in the Romanian first division? Could we see you in Bozsik before?
-I belonged to the first team of Brassó in the season 2003/2004, but I never played, that’s why I went to Sopron. As far as I remember, I’ve been here with Hévíz and played a friendly with Cegléd as well here.

- What are your virtues as a goalie?
- Confidence and stable performance.

-We talked about the game in Debrecen, we could have won that game, do you remember the goal we conceded?
- We analysed it. Coulibaly shot on target, but it changed it’s way on Lovrics, then gone through between Sorin’s legs, upset Debreceni finally Szakály came at the far side. It was very unlucky. I would agree against Pécs to work and save a lot, just want to win. I honestly want to prove, that I have a place on the goal line!


Translated by Gabor Somogyi

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