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The long way home

Richárd Vernes who scored in the season finale enjoyed the trip back home and the bronze medal celebration.

2013-06-04 11:13:52

Richárd Vernes suffered serious facial injuries in March during a match against MTK, but he returned in mid May and became an important part of Honvéd’s success. In the season finale he scored the goal which allowed the club to bring a point home from Szombathely, meaning a third place finish and the bronze medal after 19 years.    The 21 year old Vernes stated on Rangadó.hu that he’s very happy to get a chance to showcase his talent this year. 

If I’m in the starting 11, I’m usually successful as was the case at Szombathely said Vernes.  I wasn’t satisfied with the way we played, but the most important thing was to bring home a point and we were able to do that. 


Did you celebrate after the final whistle?

The bus ride home was the most exciting experience in my life.  Honvéd hasn’t been on the podium in 19 years and the fans were ecstatic.  We stopped at a gas station to celebrate with them.  We arrived home aftger midnight, but the celebration didn’t stop then.  


What do you attribute the team’s success in the spring to?

We played together as a team.  As a result, we were able to achieve favorable results.   We followed the tactical objectives, plus another thing that helped was the fact that we all had to compete to make the team and for playing time.


Can we say that this past season you became one of the mainstays with third place Honvéd?

I can’t categorically say that I’m one of the team’s mainstays, since my injury set me back some, but it’s true that I played a lot more this year.  I didn’t get as many chances last year as this year and in my opinion a coach’s trust in someone is the most important thing toward achieving better results. 


As a young player, did you have any problems recuperating from your injury? 

Although my facial injuries were quite serious, I don’t get scared easily and so I didn’t take this very seriously.  I can handle these situations, since about five years ago I sustained a fractured foot and that didn’t bother me very much and neither did this injury.  This injury came at a very bad time, since I was playing better and better.  My rehabilitation was sped up by the great care I received from Krisztina Cseh, so I owe her big thanks.  I also lucked out, since coach had to use me due to some other injuries and suspensions at my position.  Luckily I was able to contribute to the team’s success. 


Are you going to relax following a long season?

Every player needs to regenerate themselves.  Since I’m a reserve on the U-21 national team, I’m still training until our game with Albania on Friday, just in case the national team’s coach calls on me.  After that I’ll have a few days off until June 17th, when we start with conditioning.   I’m just going to relax and spend time with family and friends, since I don’t have a lot of time for them during the season.  



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