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The main sponsor experience

A new sports marketing model in Hungary

2017-01-01 20:25:07

Have you ever fantasized about how would it feel when your company’s logo appears on one of the most popular Hungarian football team’s jersey? How proud your company would be when your logo is presented on the chest Honvéd FC’s jersey in every sport magazine, the national sport channel and sport news in the media reaching millions of people?

Now you can experience this great feeling for a game with Budapest Honvéd FC’s main sponsor experience which is a completely new advertising model in Hungary!

The Main Sponsor Experience package:

  • 200 cm2 logo on the chest of Honvéd FC's first team’s jersey for a selected game
  • sponsor logo on the game’s ads: billboards, city lights, buses, Blikk, Nemzeti Sport
  • 5 pcs. sponsor logo on Honvéd FC’s media backdrop for the selected game
  • PR article about the sponsorship on Honvéd FC online
  • Your company gets the jerseys with your company’s logo after the game
  • You can offer the jerseys for charity or to sport loving key partners of your company
  • 4 VIP tickets for the game with VIP catering and VIP parking in the stadium
  • Free tickets for your employees
  • Main sponsor logo on honvedfc.hu for 1 week period
  • 728x90 pixel sized banner on honvedfc.hu-s main page for 1 week period



LIVE TV broadcasted derby games: 50.000 EUR

LIVE TV broadcasted regular games: 40.000 EUR

LIVE online streamed games, on TV from record: 30.000 EUR


Important information:

  • All games broadcasted live by online streaming on m4sport.hu
  • All of the games’ summaries are presented in M4 Sport’s Góóól! magazine
  • Most of the games are on TV (live or from record)
  • Derby games: against FTC, Újpest, Vasas, Videoton, DVSC, MTK, DVTK
  • Regular games: when the opponent is Gyirmót, Haladás, Mezőkövesd or Paks



Tamás Dudás-Györki

Marketing Director

+36 70 426 11 39


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