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There is still a rematch

This is how Marco Rossi saw the FTC-Honvéd 2-1 cup match

2017-02-18 08:58:26

Marco Rossi evaluated the recent cup match, which got very tight near the end. This was a game with great tempo and rhythm.  We had more chances than Ferencváros. We are susceptible to making individual mistakes on the field.  Unfortunately, this is what happened today.  Soccer, just like life in general is full of mistakes.  Most of the mistakes are made by the manager, since he is putting the team together.  On the first goal, two players, who are usually very reliable made some mistakes.  Kamber shouldn’t have made a pass to the side, Laczkó should have paid more attention to the attacking players on the opposing team and the referee should have paid more attention and see the handball.  We can’t blame the loss on these two players.  The team played a tough attacking game and although I’m very proud of them, I’m not proud of the result.  I want to thank Kispest’s fans for the tremendous atmosphere they created.  You could only hear their chants throughout the match.  I’m glad that they understand the game of soccer, they saw that we were fighting real hard and they stood behind us until the end.  It’s comforting to know that we still have a rematch and although Ferencváros is a tough opponent, we will do everything in our power to go through to the next round.

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