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U-17 National team

2010-04-28 13:55:40

Three players from Kispest took the field for the U-17 national team.+

We lost by two in Ireland

While getting ready for the U-17 European Championship qualifications during March in Switzerland against Switzerland, Germany and Serbia, on Tuesday our team travelled to Dublin, where they faced Ireland’s U-17s. The team, lead by Coach Frigyes Tuboly didn’t play bad, but the home team played better and after a 1-0 first half, won 2-0. The two teams will meet again on Thursday.

Coach Frigyes Tuboly sent the following players onto the field: Dávid Dombó - Partik Poór, Ferenc Tóth, Zsolt Tar, János Fejes (Norbert Bodó in the 75th minute) - Máté Szolga (Milán Földes in the 55th min), Roland Paku (Máté Papp at half time), Bálint Vécsei, Patrik Vass - Bence Serfőző, László Erdélyi (Szabolcs Banka in the 50th minute).

The teams played evenly during the first portion of the game, and then the Irish received a penalty kick in the 25th minute that was saved by Dávid Dombó. The home team was able to score before the half, when they successfully converted on a free kick in the 37th minute. We started out well in the second half, but the home team took control and was able to score their second goal in the 67th minute.

We played the Irish pretty even in the first half, but they were able to score off a free kick, said coach Frigyes Tuboly after the game. We played well in the second half, but the Irish were able to capitalize on one of our mistakes and added to their lead. My players got tired toward the end and the Irish took total control. Now everyone realizes that we have to play with more confidence and take more individual chances or we won’t succeed on the international front.

The team will practice on Wednesday and take the field against the Irish on Thursday.

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