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Vojvodina – Bp. Honvéd 2-0


2013-07-19 13:13:54

After beating Celik Niksic quote handily we progressed to the second qualifying round of the Europa League against the Serb side Vojvodina.    A great number of Kispest fans accompanied the team and it was great to see them in the visitor sector and hear their continuous cheers.  Unfortunately we will start the second leg next week with a two goal deficit. 

Understandably the game started with the home team being more aggressive.  They controlled the game and created several great scoring opportunities.  Two dangerous headers made us realize that we have to concentrate much better for the entire game.  First Kemenes made a tremendous save on  Skuletics’s header, tehn in the 19th minute following a Vojvodina corner kick Trajkovics beat his man and headed the ball in the back of our net (1:0). 

We started the second half by creating a couple of great scoring chances.  First Testardi’s shot from 12 meters out was saved by the goalie, then the defense cleared the ball over the end line.  Délczeg’s header off the corner kick was fisted away by the goalie, but Lovric’s shot from close range sailed high over the net. 

Then in the 71st minute the game was decided, when Omarou was dribbling inside our penalty box, Baráth’s slid into him and the referee awarded a well deserved penalty.  Vranjec scored on the penalty shot making it 2:0. 

The second goal came at the worst time and affected our team psychologically. 

Our opponent defended well during the final few minutes and thus we will start the return leg at home with a two goal deficit. 

Gergő Szalay 

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