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Lanzafame’s message to the fans

2016-11-03 07:34:02

Davide Lanzafame is in fantastic form. In the past 7 league matches, he has 6 goals. On Saturday, he converted a penalty kick against Haladás.

He celebrated his goal in front of the North Corner fanatics, who chanted his name. Davide also participated in the post-match celebration with the fans. We chatted with him a few days after the game.

- We’re fighting very hard in league games and are getting better and better.  Of course we know that we could have done better, but we’re working hard every day to minimize our mistakes.  To be successful, we have to play as a team and support each other.  Furthermore, our fan base is very important and they showed us a tremendous amount of support in the past.   We were lifted by their support before, during and after the match with Haladás.  This kind of frantic support is a definite plus during the game, since it gives us more strength when we’re tired and hurt and makes us work even harder toward a good result.  We set goals for ourselves and are asking our fans to continue to come out in great numbers and support us in future matches as well.  Our match against DVTK will be very important, since it will give us an idea as to where we stand with our progress.  In my teammates’ behalf I’m asking all of our fans to come out and support us in Bozsik Stadium this Saturday.  Hopefully we’ll be able to re-create the fantastic feeling and experience we had against Haladás. In closing Davide stated again: We Need You.

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