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Yearly assessment by Danilo

„We have to keep this up in the spring”

2011-12-02 16:13:13

He only scored a few goals last year, now become a top scorer: However Danilo has been voted to the best striker in the league by the sports newspaper, he became quiet popular within the fans as well. We looked back to the autumn with the spindly Brazilian, how the team did, let see how he thinks everything’s going on.

-Dani, what do you think about the team’s and your performance in the first half of the season?
-First of all some thoughts about the last game. We haven’t finished this half, how we wanted. We definetly wanted to get 3 points against Haladás, we couldn’t. This is football, sometimes you win, sometimes you loose. After all, we did well so far this season, we gained lots of points at home and could win some games in away as well. Of course, we could have been better, I am satisfied. What we need to do is to keep this up in the spring, then we will finish the season where we want to.

-Which is your favourite game from this season?
-That’s not easy to decide. Maybe the one when we beat Videoton at home, or the one against Újpest. Not to forget about the winning game in Győr recently, this 3 games were the best.

-On the other hand? The worst game?
-Unfortunetly there are a couple of games where I didn’t play how I wanted to. For example the one against Fradi at home. The main point is we won that game as a team, that’s more important, than anything, but I wasn’t satisfied with myself.

-As we mentioned in the interview in Győr, you were successful this season yet. We’ve heard lots of gossips already, you might sign for another team in the winter. What should we know then?
-I can’t really say anything concrete yet. Our winter break is just coming now, I will be back after the holidays in January, these things will be actuall after all. If somebody bids an offer for him, which is good for the club and for me, I would be traded, but there is nothing serious yet.

- You said the holidays are coming, how will you spend yours?
-I am travelling back to Brazil, where I can finally meet with my family and friends and some relaxing time! To be honest, I am looking forward to feel some good, hot weather now, this Hungarian winter is killing me (smiling), the temperature at home is around 30C.

-The Brazilian summer is waiting for you, in a longer term a really exciting spring waits for us, about the last one, what do you expect from the team in the rest of the season, in point of our good place in the league?
-If we can bring this performance from the first half of the season to the spring and keep our mentality, we will be able to aim one of the top 3 positions still. This is the plan for the us, the players and the management. We hope we will make it happen!

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