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Young titans siege the day

Interview with Dániel Göblyös and Bálint Tömösvári

2017-01-30 22:46:45

Marco Rossi took two young players (Dani Göblyös and Bálint Tömösvári) with him to the Turkish pre-season training camp.  Although not even 21 years old, Göblyös debuted in a winning match (2:0) against Pápa Lombard on May 30, 2015.  Tömösvári, who is barely 18, made his debut as substitute against FTC on October 22, 2016 and almost scored the equalizer in the final minutes of the game.  Dibusz had to make a tremendous save to push Tömös’ header onto the crossbar.  Although each youngster only played one game in NB-1, all indications are that they will have many more opportunities.

The senior team started training camp on January 9th, then took off to Turkey for a 10-day camp.  This is your third week with the senior team.  What experiences stand out for you? 

Dani Göblyös: - This is my second training camp with the senior team, so there is nothing new to report, other than the extreme cold at home.  I’m excited that we were able to come to this training camp.  This is a good team, a great environment and we’re having a productive camp.  I feel that in the past few weeks, we developed both physically and tactically, not to mention this being a wonderful experience.  We have two training sessions on most days and a match every third day.  We’re not in top physical condition yet, but we didn’t come down here to vacation.

Bálint Tömösvári: – I just got called up to the senior team, but prior to the winter training camp I was training with them.  Prior to camp, I was moved into the senior team’s locker room, which was a great feeling, since I achieved one of my first goals.  Training sessions at home were pretty intense, but I got used to them.  It’s great that we were able to change the scenery and environment.  I found a lot of positives during the training camp, got closer to my teammates, my tactical skills progressed, although I know I have a lot to learn in order to become a regular in the senior team. 



Both of you have lots of competition at your positions, so it won’t be easy to play yourselves into the team.

D. G.: – I know that everyone has to compete for the positions.  I’m continuously waiting for my opportunity, so I train very hard just in case I’m called upon.  I developed somewhat late, I’m very motivated, but I’m not hung up on getting a chance right away.

B.T. –  There is a lot of strong competitors in my position, since we have lots of good strikers.  I’m trying to learn from them during the training sessions, so if the head coach calls on me I’ll be ready to contribute both physically and tactically. 


On February 11th, we take on Ferencvár in the Hungarian Cup.  Unilke Dani, Bálint has had a chance to play against the greens previously.  Do you guys get intimidated or excited about playing in front a large crowd? 

D.G.: –  I enjoy playing in front a a large crowd, although it can be intimidating.  These types of games separate the men from the boys and determines who has a place in the squad.  Unfortunately, I haven’t had a chance to play in front of a large crowd, so I’m looking forward to it.  I’m anxious to see how I would perform, but I’m sure I would enjoy it.

B.T.: –  I always get excited about a match like this.  In the past if the stakes were high or there was a large crowd, I was always able to bring out the maximum in me.  Instances like these are when I’m very motivated because I can showcase my talent, but I try to give it my all even if we’re playing a weaker team and in front of smaller crowds.

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