The North Corner

The fan club of Kispest has always filled the Corner at every single home game. It can only be seen empty at times of protests or when the police close it for safety reasons for the biggest derbies against Ferencváros.

It was at the end of the Eighties when something "unusual" started. These were the first steps of the "ultra style" in Hungary. There were a couple of guys who thought that a decent fan should follow the traditions of the Italian stadiums. Fireworks were shot and well designed flags appeared on the stands. Some of these flags even displayed the word "Kispest" despite others being angry about it. The greatest inspiration was a Champions League qualifier game in 1991, when Kispest hosted Sampdoria. Everyone could get a taste of this special Italian subculture.

Though the Ultra' Red Boys flag was still not on the fence, the group was soon founded. It was the North Corner of Bozsik Stadion, where the ultra attitude appeared for the first time in Hungary. The first years were quite intensive. The team was good; the core consisted of 600-800 supporters. It was getting organised rather slowly as not everyone was in favour of the transformation. As a result of the different views, several smaller groups were formed inside URB. Just to mention the more significant ones: the Mastiffs, Fedayn and Irriducibili. In 1995, the order was restored and everyone stood united behind the URB flag. Quality gifts could be bought and a successful future looked secure. The group called "Szelídek" (meaning "tame" or "gentle") was founded to secure the away games. Atrocities experienced before did not repeat any more. The group of Szelidek wearing their red jacket succeeded in what they wanted: the fan club did not have to be afraid to go anywhere in the country.

Unfortunately, after winning the 1995 Cup title, our team was weaker and weaker and the relationship with the then chairman, Imre Komora deteriorated. During the autumn the stands were silent. It was only the newly formed fan club of younger supporters to break the silence. As a result, the leading group of the Corner has become Nuova Guardia. Their "career" started with some difficulties. Unfortunately, the inexperienced group was led by an authoritative leader at the beginning. He had confrontations with the leaders of URB and Szelidek. In the summer of 1998, this promising initiative was on the brink of failing. However, the members of the group were wise enough to elect a new leadership and regroup with the support of the other fan clubs.

The coming years may be considered the Golden Age of the North Corner despite a lower number of supporters on the stands. The maximum number of the core was around 400, but the atmosphere and the wonderful choreographies enthralled everyone. The rivals voted our corner the Fan Club of the Year. The team was continuously terrible, being a constant presence in the relegation zone... The resulting frustration had an unfortunate impact on the ultras as well. In 2002, there were many matches without significant efforts from the supporters and sometimes even without a minimal support from the stands. A number of stories could be told on what made the supporters' attitude change and their number decrease. The most important was that our team was persecuted for years by the Ministry of Sports. It took a lot of trickery from the ultras to force the politicians to give up their aims. In spite of the scarce attendance, Kispest is not a heartfelt problem for only 1000-1500 people. The situation of the stadium is not solved, and we can still count on disproportionately limited resources...

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