1908 - Aug. 10.: Kispesti Athletikai Club is founded by Dr. Balint Varga, a teacher, and his associates in restaurant Eder, but the club's constitution is not acceppted by its members initially.

1909 - Aug. 3.: Almost a year later, after inner controversy and disagreement Kispesti Athletikai Club is officially founded with eight sections (Fencing, cycling, gymnastics, wrestling, athletics, boxing, tennis and football).

- Dec. 10.: KAC is approved as a member of the Hungarian Football Association (MLSZ). The Club plays its first official game, a 3:1 win in Monor, in the territorial championship.

1910 - fall: KAC enters the fourth division championship after Kispest's annexation to Budapest and the club surprisingly finishes second.

1911 - : A local architect, Karoly Csimar becomes chairman and provides a solid financial background for the club. KAC finish eighth in the third division and notch a 2:1 away win against FC Brunn in their first ever international game.

1913 - : The club celebrates its first championship title in the third division. Kispest's home ground opens in Sarkany utca ("sarkany" means "dragon" in hungarian), which the opponents later start calling the "Dragon's lair".

1913-14: With the Hungarian football scene thrown into chaos by the start of the First World War and a series of disagreements between clubs the national championships are temporarily suspended, later realigned and KAC enters the first division without ever playing in the second one.

1916 - Sep. 13.: KAC play their inaugural home game in the first division (NB I): Kispesti AC - III. Keruleti TVE 0:3.

1920 - : Kispest finish second in NB I.

to be continued...

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