Jozsef Bozsik´s Biography

Jozsef Bozsik, who got his nickname „Cucu” from his grandmother, was born on November 28, 1925 in Kispest and grew up playing on the local football grounds.

His talent attracted the attention of one of KAC´s leaders early on and the club signed the 11-year-old Bozsik to the youth team. He made his first team debut in 1943 against Vasas and became a Hungarian international when he was 22 obtaining 101 caps and scoring a total of 11 goals for the National Team between 1947 and 1962. His first appearance was against Bulgaria on august 17, 1947 and the last against Uruguay on april 18, 1962 that he made memorable by scoring a goal. Bozsik won the Olympic title in 1952 (Helsinki), and partook in Hungary´s triumph when they beat England in London (6:3) and in Budapest (7:1).

His loyalty is an example for all, since he never played for any other club apart from KAC and it´s legal successor BHSE. He played 447 first division games in the red/black and red/white shirt respectively, scoring 33 goals. In 1956-57 Bozsik participated in Honvéd´s winter tour, from where he returned to Hungary along with the other three stars of the „Golden Team” and after a short ban he was allowed to play in the World Cup finals of 1958 in Sweden, where he finished 10th with the National Team. A year later he managed to win the Central European Cup with Honvéd in 1959. During his period in professional football that lasted almost two decades Bozsik proved to be one of the most skilled hungarian half-backs ever. In his prime he was considered to be the world´s best attacking half-back. Flawless technique, immense flair, tactical maturity and creativity all characterized him as a real football-genius and his brilliant positioning coupled with great acceleration and agility more than made up for his lack of pace. His 40-50 meter longballs could not have been more punctual.
Throughout his career Bozsik received countless honors, he was even voted a Member of Parliament. He retired from professional footbal in 1962 playing his last game against FTC. The 5-times-Hungarian-champion became a member of the BHSE board after his retirement.

He managed Honvéd in 47 matches as head coach between january, 1966 and september, 1967 returning to his board position afterwards. In 1974 Bozsik was chosen to control the Hungarian National Team, but an unfortunate illness forced him to resign soon after his appointment. Following his recovery he became a technical supervisior(???).

He died on may 31, 1978 in Budapest, his early death caused by cardiac dysfunction.
The elementary school in Szony and the stadium of his beloved club in the 19th district of Budapest were both named after him. József Bozsik also became a posthumus freeman of Kispest.

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