Zoltan Czibor

Zoltán Czibor (23 August 1929 - 1 September 1997)

Unpredictable. Neither the fans, nor the opponents knew what to expect from him in the very next moment. The way he played was considered to be "Satanic"; outside the pitch he was nick-named "Crazy". Zoltán Czibor was the greatest Hungarian left-winger of all times. He played for Honvéd and Barcelona as well. Czibor started his career at Komáromi MÁV in 1945. He played for FTC (also called EDOSZ for some time) from 1948. He was signed by Csepeli Vasas in an adventurous fashion where he played between 1950 and 1952. In 1953, he joined Budapesti Honvéd, where he spent the most successful period of his career.

He was the left-winger of the legendary Hungarian national team. He played at the Helsinki Olympic Games and won gold medal, and he was also there at the 1954 World Cup. He scored 17 goals in 43 international games from 1949 to 1956. He played against England when Hungary won 6-3 away and 7-1 at home. Czibor was a quick, technically perfect member of the Golden Team, well-known for his terrific dribbling. He was also a constant danger for the opponents. Czibor won three league titles: twice with Budapesti Honvéd, once with FTC. He was top scorer in 1955 with 20 goals - sharing his title with Ferenc Machos. He scored 58 goals for Bp. Honvéd.

Zoltán Czibor was the only member of the Golden Team who is known to have participated armed resistance during the 1956 Revolution. He left the chaotic Hungary and went abroad with Budapesti Honvéd to prepare against the European Champions' Cup game against Athletic Bilbao.

After leaving the country, he had to give up football for a year as the Hungarian Football Federation and FIFA suspended his licence. For a year he enjoyed the benefits of a preliminary contract with AS Rome, but later he was signed by FC Barcelona. He lived a great period with the Catalan club.
Here, he won two Spanish championships and several Inter-Cities Fairs Cups (1958-60). In the final of the 1961 European Champions Clubs? Cup Barcelona lost against Benfica 2-3, though Czibor scored a goal. He also played for Espanol and Austria Wien.

After retiring, he had a coffee shop in Barcelona called "Blue Danube". He returned to Hungary in 1990. In 1995, he was awarded the order of the Hungarian Olympic Committee. In 1999, the prestigious Don Balon magazine edited a list on the 100 people who have done the most for FC Barcelona. Both Sándor Kocsis and Zoltán Czibor appeared in the top 100. Czibor died in his native city, Komárom on 1 September 1997.

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